Analysis of sensory indexes of dehydrated vegetables
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Analysis of sensory indexes of dehydrated vegetables

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In order to ensure the quality of dehydrated vegetables, the finished products must go through a series of tests.

The sensory index of dehydrated vegetables should conform to

The color should be similar to the original color of the raw material or always
The specifications of the products in the form of lattice shall be uniform without stickiness
The smell and taste have the smell and taste of the original vegetables, without peculiar smell
Rehydrated 95 ° hot water immersion for 2min to basically recover the state before dehydration (except for powder and granule products)
No impurity, no change, debris, coking, dry cracking and discoloration are the main defects

The above sensory indicators are generally tested in the following ways:

1. Weigh 200g of the mixed sample into the white enamel plate, and use the visual method for color, shape, magazine, mildew, etc.
2. Smell and taste by smelling and tasting.
3 rehydration: put 20g sample into a 500ml beaker, pour in 95 ℃ hot water and soak for 2min at constant temperature, and observe its state.

Sensory test is only a preliminary test of the quality of dehydrated vegetables. In addition, the enterprise will conduct in-depth physical and chemical tests on the samples to confirm whether there are any bad ingredients and whether the nutritional ingredients meet the standards. Only the dehydrated vegetables that pass the inspection can flow into the market for everyone to eat and fully guarantee food safety.

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